Online Program

This is how it works:

1. Visit the following website and read about the online program that we utilize*:

*You will not be able to sign up with the above link. You must enroll in a package first.

2. Next on this website signup for the online program under the ENROLL icon. Choose the online option ( our most popular is the 30 hours onliine WPDSA / 66 BTW ). You will receive a username and password within 72 hours if the registration was properly submitted.

3. The student can work on the the online program for up to 2 hours per day. The system will keep track of the student's daily progress. The student can keep track of their progress on their student record card. We will be able to view the progress chart on our end.

4. Once a student who is at least 15 years of age gets through unit 12, notify us so that we can get you the appropriate paperwork for the DMV so that they can take the temps test. We do not always notice the progress of students unless we comb through every specific students chart, so if your teen gets to unit 12, please draw our attention to it so we can get the appropriate paperwork out. Once they get their instructional permit they will be expected to finish the remaining units before we certify them on the DECC system.

5. Once the student obtains their temps they can begin to schedule behind-the-wheel lessons with Trinity Driving School on the STUDENT / PARENT PORTAL. The student will complete their assigned number of behind the wheel lessons over a period of up to 12 months. We meet at designated pickup and drop areas ( indicated on the calendar ). Duringt the school year sometimes students will be dismissed from school for 2 hour blocks of time to do their btw training. Parents should provide the school an excuse note for this professional appointment.

6. The program is fully voice narrated.

7. The WPDSA program will not run efficiently if your firewalls are set high.

8. In order for the WPDSA online program to run efficiently, power the computer 'off' at least once every 2 days you use the program. When you power the computer off it clears the cache (the memory). If the student receives notifications while watching the program, this messes up the timer which will in turn prevent the 'complete' button from showing up at the end of the unit. This safeguards us in knowing that the program has the students FULL ATTENTION. It is also important that you do not 'bookmark' the site, you need to login each time you start doing the 4 unit maximum daily in order for the system to recognize that you are following the state requirements.

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