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Wisconsin implemented its Graduated Driving Licensing program in September 2000. These changes to the laws were designed to decrease young driver fatalities, by imposing special restrictions for teenagers.

The State of Wisconsin requires students, under the age of 18 years old, to complete 30 hours of classroom study (online). During this time, the students are taught the rules of the road, proper behavior while driving, and prepare them for their Learners Permit (Temps) test. The Department of Motor Vehicles has designed an app which can be found on the I Tunes store. It is called the WI DMV Driver Practice Test.

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The DMV will administer the temps test and the signs test. Students are required to score an 80% average to pass. The proper DMV paperwork will be given to families before going to the DMV for testing.

Once the student has acquired their Learner Permit (temps at a minimum age of 15), they are now ready to take the lessons they have learned online and apply them in the vehicle. The student must be accompanied by someone who is at least 21 years of age and has a valid driver license. Trinity Driving School needs to be contacted when the temps are acquired so that we can schedule at least one lesson within the first 60 days of obtaining them (WI Law). The student must hold their Learners Permit for a minimum of six (6) months before taking their road test. During these six - 12 months, the new driver must acquire a minimum of fifty (50) hours of driving practice. Ten (10) of which are to be night driving. Night time driving counts as driving that is done after 6:30 p.m. in the evening. In the event the student moves out of state, decides to all of the sudden disappear and becomes non-cooperative in finishing the remaining behind-the-wheel lessons, we are required to remove them from the program. If they desire to resume training there will be a $75 re-in-statement fee because a new contract, new MV3001 form and other arrangements need to be made with the state of Wisconsin in order to resume btw training. Also, any fee past fees for missed behind-the-wheel lessons need to be paid at this time. For their Behind-The-Wheel lessons, we meet at designated locations in Hortonville and Greenville (see the appointment calendar). We also offer optional programs with additional driving hours and decreased observation time if you prefer.

To schedule behind the wheels lessons you will access our appointment calendar when you receive an access code.


1. To sign up for driver's education, please select the ONLINE option on the classroom page.

2. You will receive a username and a password within 72 hours to access the WPDSA Online Program. If you do not receive a username or password within 72 hours the submission was not received on our end. Please send a text to 920-716-4391 if you have not received feedback.

3. The student can work at their own pace online. They can do up to 4 units (2 hours) daily. Once the student reaches unit 12 we can send you the DMV paperwork that allows them to go to the DMV and take the Instructional Permit test (if they are at least 15 years of age).

4. Once the student has acquired their Learners Permit (Temps) they may begin driving (minimum 15 years of age). It is important to revisit this website site at this point and schedule the students first btw lesson. The DMV does not notify us that the student has gotten their temps. We need to perform the first btw lesson within 60 days of the student obtaining their temps (parent agrees at the DMV when the MV3001 form is signed). Who can help the young driver learn to drive? Any adult 21 years or older, who holds a valid regular license, must be in the passenger seat. If this person is not a parent, the student driver must have written consent from their parents to be with them. This is a simple signed statement from either parent saying that they give permission to the specific person to drive with their son or daughter. No non-family members are not allowed in the backseat(s) unless the student driver is 16 years old and the non-family member is 25 years of age or older, has a valid driver license with at least 2 years of driving experience (only 1 person unrelated person is allowed in the backseat).

5.Students should schedule their btw lessons in intervals that are spaced out over the duration that the temps will be held. It is not Trinity responsibility to schedule behind the wheel lessons with the student. The student needs to do their 1st BTW lesson within the first 60 days of the obtaining their Learner Permit. If they do not, a new MV3001 form needs to be obtained from Trinity Driving School so the parent can take their teen to the DMV and reapply for a new instructional permit (the parent agrees at the DMV when they sign the MV3001 form).

6. The student must hold their Learners Permit for a minimum of six months prior to taking their Road Test. During this time they must acquire 50 hours of driving experience (10 of which must be at night).

7. Students can schedule their road test up to 11 weeks in advance.

8. If you have chosen a payment plan, the final payment must be made prior to the scheduling of the last behind the wheel lesson.

  • Payment 1 – Due at the first behind the wheel ( $100 )
  • Payment 1 – Due at behind the wheel #2 - #4 ( if you desire / any amount )
  • Payment 2 – Balance due on btw #5 or before btw #6.

9. Trinity Driving School has no obligation to complete the last driving lesson until it has been paid in full. If the account has not been paid in full, the student may be forced to reschedule their road test.

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